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Dr. Richard Goodman

I believe that all people yearn for a deep human connection, including those people who have had great difficulties in relationships.

There is no other therapeutic experience that offers so much hope for full personal and interpersonal development as do in-depth psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. The accurate translation from Freud's original German into English of the word psychoanalysis (according to Bettelheim in "Freud and Man's Soul") is "the treatment of the soul"1… that is my impression of what occurs in a successful psychotherapy. The therapist is a guide, or a soulmate if you will, for an in-depth journey into the self. It is an opportunity for emotional growth and development for both patient and therapist, because the psychotherapist is also emotionally impacted by the therapeutic experience.

Truly, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis represent the greatest potential to achieve the highest level of our humanity, by exploring, in depth, the human soul.

1. B. Bettelheim, "Freud and Man's Soul," p. 73, Alfred A. Knopf, New York: 1983.

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(Psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, coaching, transitions, relationship issues,
business consultation, and counseling for parents are available.
Supervision and consultation for therapists are offered in person and via telphone.)

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